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Log and massive wooden houses, cottages, saunas, roof trusses, gazebos, garden and rustic furniture

We produce wooden houses from logs, milled and glued prisms. Our wooden buildings meet the highest demands on ecology, thermal properties and are suitable for seasonal or year-round living. They are also suitable for living for people with allergies. Our long experience with loghouses appreciated customers in Slovakia and abroad. Each log cabin is individually designed based on customer-designer relationship, because every building is original. The advantage of our log cabins are excellent thermal insulation and accumulation features, while meeting the highest requirements for energy savings. Quality of our log cabins guarantees our long-standing practice in construction of wooden houses, production technology and only natural materials. Wooden houses made ​​our technology and have a lifespan over 150 years.

Approximate price 150€-250€ per square meter.

Turnkey project

Price is determined individually according to project documentation and materials used in construction.

Ján Zadňančin

Ďurčiná 345

015 01

tel.: 0911 117 814

tel.: 0911 895 519